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    Sums in Detail area of report

    In a report I am using the underlying query to calculate extended row totals for 2 different values, Value A and Value B. Each are calculated in the query by CostA*Qty or Cost B*Qty and these work just fine. They also relate in the query to a group, like Group 1 or Group 2.

    Then in the report detail area, Group 1 the sum of the CostA*Qty and sum of CostB*Qty work also (text boxes) - BUT I then sum the A total sum and the B total sum into a sub-grand total (text box, again in the detail area) - which works fine unless there is no data in one of the A or B sums.

    Example: Sum A = $1,000, Sum B = $200, Sub Grand Total = $1,200 but if
    Sum A = $1,000 and Sum B = blank, Sub Grand Total = blank too.

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    Nz Function

    I got this solved myself, sorry for the time you spent (if any) on my issue. I added the Nz function to my query so it forced a zero into the row calculated value if it was zero and the report works fine now.

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    Thanks for sharing your solution with others here.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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