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    Lightbulb Sharing Access form!

    Hi All ,

    I have built a small database and want to share the form of this database .

    i thought i can copy this database to a common folder and all my collegues can use it .
    i have defined the startup to the main form , do you think that will work ?

    i have found some threads about spliting a database , but what i want is just to let all use it and with the same ineterface i mean the form .

    hope you can help me to know is sharing the form on a common folder is enough or should i go for splitting ?

    and if i splite the database , will all the users be able to use the same form ?

    Thank you in advance

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    splitting the database is the method for sharing it.

    get yourself an Access textbook in the version that you have from one of the big book dealers or Amazon and you will find all the info you need about the topic of splitting the database.

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