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    Comma-Separated Category Labels Field for Blog-Like Database

    Happy Monday folks =)

    I'm puzzled at the problem I'm having finding the answer to what I was sure would be an almost unconsciously "Google-solved" "how do I." I still suspect it is and I'm missing some "duh!" keyword, or using the wrong one...or some other sumfin I'm gonna blush about when it hits me or I'm filled in =)

    One of the functions of the database I'm working on is in many ways an equivalent or close cousin to a typical blog...and just as most blogs have one or several fields for Labels/Categories/SubCategories/etc. so too does this whatchamadude call for them. How can I create a form field that allows the user to type out the Category labels they want to apply to the entry in the same manner as most blog hosts, i.e. each label separated by a comma, with the respective category table being updated with any new labels being entered for the first time.....and if its no biggie, it would be great to further emulate typical blog service by having suggestions appear as the user types based on already existing labels in the underlying tables.

    Thanks in advance for flickin my light bulb =)

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    1) If they are putting them in as comma separated, then the autofill won't work after the first one.

    2) You could use a combo box, with a small button next to it to "add", then a list box beside it that shows all the categories that have been added.

    AfterUpdate of the combobox would add a record to the appropriate table for that selected category, then requery the list box. The list box's source would query for what categories were on the table for that record.

    3) Alternately, you could allow the comma-delimited format in a text box, and in the afterupdate event of the textbox, use VBA to parse for the commas, adding a record to the table for each term extracted. You could load the text box with the reverse of the VBA, or you could use a listbox to show which ones had been added.

    I'd tend to go with #2, as more "natural" to Access, but if you prefer the other kind of interface, it can be achieved with VBA.

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