I have a form, if a person puts a "y" in the Jean Field I want to store that
info until the person finishes filling out the form then clicks on a Command
Button to open a Report/Letter.

When that Report/Letter is opened, if there's a "y" in the Jean Field I want the Jean Signature label to be visible in the Report.
It has a default of another name label visible, with the Jean one defaulted to not visible.

People can do the Report without the Jean label, so I can't just tie that
command to the 'Create Report" button... unless it can check and see if they picked 'y' on the Jean Field?

The name of the Label-


Thoughts so far, in the Form-
Private Sub Jean_AfterUpdate()

If Me.[Jean] = "y" Then
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord, , _
"[AddressRecord] = " & Me.AddressRecord, , "J"

End If
End Sub

In the Report-
Private Sub Report_Open(Cancel As Integer)

If IsNull(Me.OpenArgs) Then

Me.JeanSignatureLabel.Visible = False
Me.JeanSignatureLabel.Visible = True

End If
End Sub

I'm not quite sure how to pull this together, thanks.