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    access integration help

    I need an suggestion from you all. I have access
    database with forms,reports, queries created on
    it. but now I want upload into SharePoint . I have
    few questions on this
    1. can we able to see access forms in
    SharePoint? yes means how I can do that?
    2. the database all the objects I have uploaded its
    viewable to everyone without having access
    installed on their system.?
    3. using the database I have uploaded can we
    create user interface forms in SharePoint?
    4.any other alternative option for showing the
    form view in SharePoint?
    all your responses will be useful for me
    thanks in advance.

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    Let me start by saying that I've researched this, but never done it.

    The process of moving an Access database to Sharepoint is not trivial. I've seen writeups of how to move data up, when you have tables that reference each other, and they involved a number of steps to relink the items. At least, it appears that you need to create a web version of the forms.

    That being said, depending on how big your application is, you might just try the wizards on a backup copy of your database and see what breaks.

    Apparently the file must be in Access 2007 (accdb) or newer to use the wizards.

    The most important thing when doing a demonstration/test move will be to TEST every aspect of the post-migration system that you can. Get users involved as much as possible, as early as possible, because Sharepoint doesn't have all the same features as Access, and you can't depend on it announcing what it didn't do (or on yourself understanding what it said if it *did* announce itself).

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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