Hello everyone

I have a form where it shows a PivotChart which includes

In the X-axis - Date/Month
Y-axis - Numbers 1 - 20
And in it, it shows the chart for calls that we receive like calls if it was:
1- Complaint
2- Comment
3- Feedback

In the chart it shows like how many comments, complaints, and feedback we got in each month.
I have also a query having date parameters StartDate and EndDate and it shows the whole description for the calls: Date of the call, person who called, if it was a comment, feedback or complaint... but it only shows information which the date range that i enter.

what i need is to do the same in the PivotChart form. If i click in the form now it shows me alllllllllll the months...
What if i only wana see the month of June? How can i include parameters to a chart to view information within the date that i need?

please if someone knows i would appreciate any help

thanks in advance