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    Delete duplicate records while keeping one of the records

    The records I am considering duplicate are only equivalent in two fields. I want to delete all duplicates of the record after the first one. I know how to find the Unique ID of the records I want to delete using a group by query selecting the last of ID where count >1, but I don't know how to delete these records. Any ideas?

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    Do you really need to actually physically delete them?
    If you use an Aggregate Query to filter them out, would that be sufficient?

    It can be done pretty easily using two queries.
    1. Create an aggregate query that groups by your two fields, and then takes the MIN of your Unique ID field.
    2. Now, you can link the Aggregate Query created above back to your original table on the Unique ID field to get all the records you want (with all the fields you want to return).
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    Worked well for me.
    Thanks JoeM

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