Okay. So I have two tables. Both have a policy number field and a notes field. The first table is a linked table that contains much more information. I would like to have a query that would say something like this.

Take the OperationDate, Amount, PolicyNo, from the linked table. Where the policyno from the linked table and the policyno from the second table are equal, I want the query to display the notes from the second table, and when they are not equal I want the query to display the notes from the linked table.

I would think that it woudl involve a where statement with something like Where Select (Blah blah blah), WHERE LinkedTable.PolicyNo = NotesTable.PolicyNo (then here's my question) display NotesTable.PolicyNo AND WHERE LinkedTable.PolicyNo =/ NotesTable.PolicyNo (Stuff) display LinkedTable.PolicyNo

I created the relationship between my two tables directly linking the policy number fields and the notes fields but I'm just not sure where to go from here. Thank you!