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    Access Codes

    Hi guys, im new to access so be nice

    I need some advised on how to get the following:

    On a form i have box a, and box b, i need to have something that says if box a has x in it & box b has y in it then show z.

    hope i have explained it easier enough, i know the basics of access i just cant get the the form to look at two boxes

    thanks, andrew

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    Try the following line as the setting for the Control Source property of the control that will show "z".
    =IIF([a] = "x" AND [b] = "y", "z","")
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    Thank you very much, this helps a great deal, can you put this in more than once in the same control source for more options?

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    If you're using multiple criteria, consider using switch...

    switch([a] = "x" And [b] = "y","z",[a] = "w" And [b] = "v","z",1=1,"")

    It will show the results of the first match (I use 1=1 as a catch-all "Else" in this case).

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