I have a table with multiple projects to one name and multiple names to one project. I am using an aggregate query to find the number of records per name and the sum of records per project to find the percentage, but can't get the query correct.

Data like this...

Name: Project:
Bill Candy
Bill Cookies
Restin Candy
Bill Banana
Bill Candy
Restin Cookies

I need to find out what percentage of time each person is spending on each project. So Bill spent 50% of his time on Candy, 25% on Cookies, and 25% on Banana, etc... I need to create a SQL query in Access, here's what I have but the total number of projects is failing...

SELECT Name, Project, Count(Project) AS Project_Engaged_Count, Sum(Project) AS sProj, ((Count(Project)/sProj)*100) AS Project_Percentage
FROM Factory
GROUP BY Name, Project;