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    run-time error '3151' odbc connection failed in Access 2003

    Hello, We have an Access FE application connecting to a BE SQL 2005. Recently we changed SQL servers, new name, ip and dsn. I created a new ODBC, then went into Access and changed the Link tables to reflect the new ODBC. I am able to update the tables to the new SQL server but when I try to run a Form that is used to update our Territories I get the "run-time error '3151' odbc connection failed" error. It sends me to VB code and here is where I get lost. I tried to review the code to see if the old db is hardcoded somewhere but couldn't find anything.

    Any suggestions to correct this would be greatly appreciated! Tim

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    when in the FE; you are able to open all/any table and change data?? (be sure to close that table and reopen it to sanity check if the data change actually occurred)

    if not - it has nothing to do with the form - - - your table link still isn't working

    if is odd that the form would have a problem; check the record source of the form - - if it is a query - - run that query directly and see what happens....if it fails double check the tables that this query is using...

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    Thanks! That did help. It turns out a Pass Through Query was referencing the old ODBC. Once updated the Form worked perfectly! Tim

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