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    pull data from a specific record in a subform

    I have created a form that contains information on a new product design. The main form has things like material, what equipment will make, who the designer is ...

    It has a relationship to a subform that tracks each time we try to produce it, information like trial number, trail date started, trial date stopped, trial tool number...

    What I want is to be able to get data from a specific subform record that meets a condition. There is a start date and stop date for each record in the subform. I want to build a query that will show me each new product design record (main form) and the start date from the record in the subform that does not have a stop date. This way I can see how long the current trial is taking for each main form record.

    Any thoughts?

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    Do you want your subform to be able to display both everything and only the 'current' trials (i.e. toggle back and forth)?

    If so there are a couple of ways you can approach this.

    The first, and simplest to me, is to change the record source of the subform when certain conditions are met (for instance someone checks off that they want to see current trials only in a checkbox).

    The second, is to try and apply a filter to your subform. I've always had issues doing this and prefer the first but either will get you the results you want.

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    The particular form I am trying to create, I only want to see the current trial.
    My issue was poorly described. I was actually trying to display a count of trial and information on the last run. Whenever I tried to filter to the current run and count, I would get information on each trial and a count of one.
    I had to make a total of three query's.
    1: Count the number of trials for each main record
    2: Pull the information I want on the current run by filtering
    3: Pull the summary (information from query 1 and 2) into this query.

    Ended up working fine.

    Am am not sure what you mean by change the record source of the subform. It has conditions that make it meet the criteria I am looking for. Would I change the data or the table or the query?

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    Actually it did not work. The real issue is still around, but has nothing to do with what I called this thread. So I am closing this one.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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