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    Highlight "Text Field" or "Check Box" conditionally when another field selected


    I would like to highlight an empty field when an item from a drop-down combo box has been selected. I would like this behavior only when the user tries to move away from the current record set or try to save the current record before filling the required field. I would also like a pop-up message to come up to notify that the user must fill in the highlighted fields. When the fields are filled in, I want the field background color to go back to white and allow the record to be saved.

    I would also like to know how to do the above when the control to be highlighted is a check box.

    Thank you in advance


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    Are you using bound or unbound controls. This type of behavior is a lot harder (to me) with bound controls than unbound but I think it can be done either way.

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    More details are really needed for us to give you concrete advise.

    What type of Form are we talking about; Single, Continuous or Datasheet View?

    Are you saying if any selection is made from the Combobox, the Textbox needs to be populated, or if a specific selection is made the Textbox needs to be populated?

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    Here's a Validate function I wrote and use in a lot of different forms.

    Public Function Validate(ByRef ctrlBox As Control) As Boolean
    If ctrlBox.ControlType = 106 Then
    If ctrlBox Then 'validates that the checkbox has been checked
    Validate = True ctrlBox.BorderColor = RGB(31, 73, 125) Exit Function
    End If
    End If If ctrlBox.ControlType = 109 Or ctrlBox.ControlType = 111 Then
    If Not IsNull(ctrlBox.value) And ctrlBox.value <> "" Then
    Validate = True ctrlBox.BorderColor = RGB(31, 73, 125) Exit Function
    End If
    End If ctrlBox.BorderColor = RGB(255, 0, 0) If ctrlBox.Tag <> "" Then
    MsgBox ctrlBox.Tag, vbCritical, "Data Validation Failed"
    End If ctrlBox.SetFocus Validate = False
    End Function
    Just type your validation error message into the Tag field of each control and when you want to validate, pass it to this function. You can change up the decoration as you please - mine goes Red to Blue. It also sets focus on the failed control.

    So if you want it to check on a particular value in your Combobox you could do something like

    Select Case cboSomething
    Case "Your Mom"
       if Validate(txtYourmom) then 
       end if
    Case "DIAF"
       if Validate(chkInferno) then 
       end if
    Case Else
       if Validate(cboSomething) then
       End If
    End Select
    If validation fails, the Validate function will set the focus, border red, and provide an error message if one is in the Tag field.

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