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    Cool Query based on specific form field value

    OK - I am a newbee to access in terms of using it to query and manipulate data so please bear with me.

    I have a table1 with multiple fields (field1, field2, field3) and table2 with multiple fields (field10, field11).

    I also have a form which pulls in the data from table1. Next to the field2 data in the form, I want a query based on the value of field2 in that record and lookup and display fields from table2.

    In other words, lets say I have a parts list which contains vendor info, price, date (contained in table1). I want to query the specific vendor (on the current record) and display more detailed information on that vendor (contained in table2).

    Please help since I know this is not tough but I just can not figure it out.

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    trust you have an Access instruction book; you want to add a subform....the wizard will step you thru linking it on the shared field...

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