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    Need Query to Pull earliest date with two modfiers

    Hello. I am new to Access and working with a list of data that has the following fields: Ident, BusinessDate, Type. The purpose of my request is to try and find those people (Ident) that the first time they visited my business (BusinessDate) was from a particular promotion (Type.) Basically, if John Doe came in on 1-1-13 without a coupon but he came in on 1-7-13 with a coupon, I would like to have the report state John Doe , 1-7-13.

    Does this make sense? Using the query design view I can get either the first time a guest comes to my buisness or the type of promotion a guest uses. I cannot get the two of them together. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you.


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    Create a query add all three of your fields

    Click the aggregate query button (greek letter sigma, looks like a capital E on your toolbar/ribbon)
    in your TYPE field put 'coupon'
    on your businessdate field put MINIMUM (MIN)

    This will show you the first date any person came in with a coupon.

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    Not totally clear what you want. Don't want records that were not coupon visits? What if John Doe also visited 12-14-12 with a coupon?

    Maybe like:

    SELECT Ident, Min(BusinessDate) AS LastCoupon FROM tablename GROUP BY Ident HAVING Type="coupon";
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    Thanks for the help! I had done something similar but this was the right order. Much appreciated!

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