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    Question Parameter query error message when wildcard used with Between statement on date field

    I have a query that is used as a data source for a report in a database that tracks safety incidents. The query/report displays data where it is prompted for a project number and the Incident Date between a range of two dates (i.e. start and end dates). The SQL code for the query is as follows:

    SELECT qryIncidentDetails.[Job No], qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Number], qryIncidentDetails.[Issued to], qryIncidentDetails.Severity, qryIncidentDetails.Safety, qryIncidentDetails.Environmental, qryIncidentDetails.Quality, qryIncidentDetails.Complaint, qryIncidentDetails.[Near hit], qryIncidentDetails.Other, qryIncidentDetails.Location, qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Date], qryIncidentDetails.Detail, qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Description], qryIncidentDetails.Reporter, qryIncidentDetails.[Imediate Action], qryIncidentDetails.[Completion Due], qryIncidentDetails.[Completed Date], qryIncidentDetails.Completer, qryIncidentDetails.[Root Cause], qryIncidentDetails.[Long Term Action], qryIncidentDetails.[Responsible 1], qryIncidentDetails.[Responsible 2], qryIncidentDetails.[Date 1], qryIncidentDetails.[Date 2], qryIncidentDetails.[Long Term Due], qryIncidentDetails.[Long Term Completed], qryIncidentDetails.Verification, qryIncidentDetails.Verifier, qryIncidentDetails.[Verification Date], qryIncidentDetails.[Closed/Open], qryIncidentDetails.Injured, qryIncidentDetails.Comments, qryIncidentDetails.Keyword2, qryIncidentDetails.Keyword1, qryIncidentDetails.[Keyword 1], qryIncidentDetails.[Keyword 2], qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Time], qryIncidentDetails.Witness, qryIncidentDetails.[Entry Date], qryIncidentDetails.Summary, qryIncidentDetails.[Project Manager], qryIncidentDetails.Photos, qryIncidentDetails.Investigation
    FROM qryIncidentDetails
    WHERE (((qryIncidentDetails.[Job No]) Like [Enter Job No]) AND ((qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Date]) Between [Enter From Date] And [Enter To Date]))
    ORDER BY qryIncidentDetails.[Incident Date];
    The query and subsequent report run fine if a project number, start date and end date are entered. The query will also run if the project number is wildcarded (*) with the start and end dates entered.

    However if the Start and End dates fields are wildcarded the following error message is received:

    The expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated. For example, a numeric expression may contain too many complex elements. Try simplifying the expression by assigning parts of the expression to variables.

    I have Googled looking for an answer. I am hoping that somebody here may be able to guide me to an answer or advice on how to handle this.

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    I NEVER use query parameter input popups. Can't validate user entry. Better to have entry on form and refer to controls on form as parameters. Then date criteria:

    Between Nz(tbxFromDate,#1/1/1900#) And Nz(tbxEndDate,#12/31/2900#)
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    Thanks for making this suggestion. I will try it out and get back to let you know whether this suits our purpose.

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