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    Need advice on what I have so far

    Hi there,
    Being new to Access and table relationships I need advice on the table design I have so far. A jpeg image of the table relationships can be viewed here..
    Do I need to include foriegn keys to counties and countries in the address tables? Or will the connection from city to county and then country suffice?

    Also, could I trim down the address and contact tables to just one of each?
    I don't know how I could differentiate which is customer supplier and haulier though.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    IMO, you have too many tables in that configuration. You are taking normalization way too far here.

    My experience in table design in Access is that as long as the fields are not repeating and you don't need the field to be dynamically updated, it doesn't pay to split them out into separate tables. You could gets lots of arguments to the contrary here from normalization purists, but basically you should go with what works and what is practical.

    I would have the city table have its own fields for county and country and not split them out to separate tables.

    I have found that this kind of design keeps query design simpler, and in many cases performance is better.

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    Thanx for your reply and advice.
    The reason I kept Counties and Countrys separate from Cities is because I wanted to control what was put into the City name field. This way people can only put in a city belonging to a certain County and that County can only belong to one Country. Plus, if a new City has to be added, then it must correspond to a county and that county must be in a certain Country.
    If there's another way of doing this I would be grateful of your knowledge.
    Thanx again for your response.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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