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    Question How to make query based on external access DB's table and the table in linked table?


    I have a access database "main.mde" on the server in my LAN, and another access database "client.mde" on another pc in the same LAN.

    In "main.mde" there's an ODBC link to an external table "ODBC_Data", I know it seems impossible to make "client.mde" link to "ODBC_Data" through "main.mde" (make a linked table based on another linked table)

    So I'm trying to make a query based on that table, which that query look's like this:
    SELECT * FROM ODBC_Data IN '\\Server\main.mde';
    (A query based on an external DB's table, but that table is an external table (linked table) as well)

    It's not working, tells me it can't find ODBC_Data table. Of course, if ODBC_Data is not an linked table, it will works.

    But I don't want to make a ODBC link to ODBC_Data in "client.mde", I need to force "client.mde" go through "main.mde", which means "main.mde" looks like some sort of gateway.

    I know if I do make a local copy of ODBC_Data in "main.mde", and make "client.mde" link to that local copy will make it "works". But in this way, I do have to update this local copy again and again to keep it up to date.

    So, are there any other way to make a query based on a external database's table and the table is a linked table as well?

    Or, are there any other solution may works like this? (A link to C through B, A<=>B<=>C)

    Sorry for my bad English, hope I made it clear to you, and thanks very much.

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    What is the need to have a gateway mde? Anyway MDE's are usually front end applications, you should only be linking to mdb's or other database types. Not only wil you be bringing the data accross the network you will also be bringing over the mde, which will be a greater resource user. Also if the mde is passwrd protected or utilises mdw this will only complicate matters.


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    Thank you for reply.

    I've tried some other ideas, seems none of them works.

    I'm trying to find a way to get Computer A - MYOB's data on Computer B without create an ODBC link from B to A.

    Which mean B's Access DB links to A's Access DB, and A's Access DB using ODBC links to MYOB locally. A's Access DB should be automation.

    E.g. B sends command let A run a query to search result from MYOB and save it into A's table, and B could get result from this table, without any operation done manually on A's Access DB
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