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    Form or report to display/print a query or report based on user input

    I have a relatively simply request, but I am new to access and cannot figure out how to do this.

    I've searched Datapig and Baldyweb and others, but I cannot figure out what I need to do specifically, and so I'm turning to "the forum"!

    I have an itty bitty database based on an Excel file that I would like to create a report for other people. The importance of the file is mostly text, and a few other dates or descriptive columns based on text.

    I'm not sure whether a 'form' or a 'report' is best for me to conclude with...

    What I desire: Based on input from 'the form user', I want someone to be able to input parameters such as I have in the form (only I will use more parameters, once I know what is happening here I will be able to replicate more fields), and be able to view a "report" type output, BASED ON whatever input parameters the user entered into 'the form'.

    e.g.- If you open the form, and you type in the headline "copd", you get 10 results or so returned in the 'mainquery'. What I want is a report that utilizes these 10 results from the form, and sets them in a pretty report-like setup so that the user gets all the resulting data in a nice slick format. Not a database row-and-column format. Should be simple right? Well... that's how dull I am.

    So can someone help me with this? I'm good at SQL but not VBA. But I'm willing to learn anything!
    Thanks for any help.

    (ps- I tried to upload my little DB but I got an error: my 948kb DB was beyone the 500kb DB allowed to update... Really?!?!?!)

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    Forms and reports

    You can save a form as a report, so you may want to use the form to get the data looking like you want it and then save it as a report to fine-tune the display. Then you can put a button on the form that opens the report after you use the form to organize your data. You can create a query a that filters a column based on the selection made in a form. You would filter the date in columnx by citing Forms!xform!columnx as your filter criteria. Then you use the query as the data source for the form and the report and the two are synchronized.
    t. hagan

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    Thanks for the response. I have a button to run the report on the form, and I would like it to do this after the criteria is entered in the form and filtered. Then I would like to run the report all pretty-like based on the form entries.

    I also tried saving the form as a report as you mentioned and it seemed to mess up a little bit. It duplicated parts of the form and you could not enter sorting criteria in the report either.

    I managed to get the DB below the threshold to upload it so I attached it and you can see better what I'm getting at.

    After a user of the form enters search criteria that they care about, I would like to run a report that makes all the 'headlines' and 'text' fields expanded and readable, not just in a database query.

    I feel like it's close, can someone push me the right direction please?
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    Is there any other attempt to help please? My issue doesn't seem to be that difficult, but I sure don't know how to help myself here, even though I really have tried.
    I would like:
    -a user to enter criteria into the form (say "asthma" for the headline only: this would return ~5 entries out of ~600 total from the query)
    -AFTER that form is manipulated to whatever the user entered, I would like to be able to run a report based on those entries so those 5 ONLY are on the report.

    I have tried:
    -to save the form as a report, but that doesn't allow entering the selection criteria like the form does
    -to run a report using the query that the form is based off of, but cannot get it to work. it returns ALL results, not what users enter into the form. Even AFTER they run the query using the form.

    Can someone please help and explain to me how to run a report off of the info delivered from a form selection criteria? I have looked many places for an answer and haven't come across someone with an issue quite like this. Any help would be appreciated. I tried the 1st of t.hagen's ideas for this and it didn't appear to work. I don't quite get his 2nd idea.

    (Please see my sample DB above) Any ideas please on what I'm trying to do?
    Thank you...

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