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    Labels printout duplicates based on records in subform

    :?: I create a labels from a report that has a subreport. It is fueled by a query that consists of 2 tables with a one to many relationship. If there is more than one record in the subreport, all the records print correctly but print as many times as there are records. This is for a tenant and occupant label with several occupants to one tenant. If there is one tenant and 3 occupants, the label will print correctly, listing the tenant and all three occupants on one label but it will print out (one tenant, 3 occupants) 3 times, one time for each occupant record. The grouping is as follows: No Group Header or Footer, Grouped on Each Value, Group Interval is 1, and Keep together is Whole Group. Sorting is on the apartment number. What can I due to stop this.

    TIA for any ideas.

    Sue Van

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    Please post the SQL for the query underlying the reports.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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