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    Multiple Text Search on one Column to filter records


    I have a column that has a bunch of keywords they are separated by comma... so for each row of that column it will have a few different keywords example: lake superior, river, mountain, lake wollongong

    I know its a bit of a nono with databases to have columns with comma separated text.. well so i read somewhere anyway but the document i have been handed to work has hundreds of rows in this column with up to 14 keyword entries.

    Anyway... i found this post i thought might solve my problem:

    I have a form that searches through Item's names based on 2 keyword boxes.
    Here's the criteria in my query:

    Is Null Or Like "*" & [Forms]![frmItemView]![SearchPhrase1] & "*" And Like "*" & [Forms]![frmItemView]![SearchPhrase2] & "*"

    This will show all records when both keywords are blank, and filter records using the 2 keywords otherwise.

    Hope this helps,

    This is pretty much exactly what i am looking for however i cannot get it to work!.. I have a form with two text boxes and have set the correct values as outlined in Evans post. I then have the query set to run via a button. I run it but it will only give back records for the entry i have put in the 1st text box. This would work well for me otherwise. Can anyone see how it might be made to work.. or if it does maybe explain what i am doing wrong.. mine is like this:

    Is NULL or Like "*" & [Forms]![Searchtable]![Key1] & "*" And Like "*" & [Forms]![Searchtable]![Key2] & "*"

    Searchtable being my search form
    key1 being my first text box entry
    key2 being my second text box entry

    Thank you for your time.

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    First of all you need to apply these criterias in the query design view on both values:
    Key1 where Is Null or Like "*" & [forms]![Searchtable]![Key1] & "*"
    Key2 where Is Null or Like "*" & [forms]![Searchtable]![Key2] & "*"
    If you want to search for both textbox values, their data should match. Example:
    Joe ____ male _____ USA
    Emily __ Female ___ France

    Let's say that you want to search for Joe then you write joe and run query. If you are searching for name and gender, you should write joe and male or else you will get blank result.
    You can search by 1 textbox value if you are not sure of the second value or both textbox values if you sure about data you are searching for.

    Hopefully I answered your question.

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