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    Clear text box on form load

    I have a form with a comments TextBox that when saved, updates the History text box, using the code in the history text box

    =ColumnHistory([RecordSource],"Comments","[ID]=" & Nz([ID],0))

    What I need to do is clear the data in the comments textbox

    I have tried
    Me.Comments.Value = Null
    Me.Comments.Text = ""

    But none seem to work.

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    Is there a default value? Try this: Forms!yourformname!Comments = Null

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    Try this

    Me.(elementname).value = ""
    Textboxes use .value as default

    labels use .caption as default

    Let us know if this works.

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    Thanks for the replies,

    I ended up using Me.Comments.Value = Null, but had to use the on click event, I couldn't get it to work on the form load event

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