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    Parameter box to open form (datasheet view), Repeat parameter box value

    Hello, I am new to these forums, and fairly new to access.
    I have been assigned to build a database. My design is to allow a staff member to enter his/her ID and date into a parameter box (or I guess a form that looks like a parameter box) click ok, and then they will be brought to a Datasheet view form that will allow them to enter their data. I would like for the datasheet view to add their id and date to each line automatically so that is not something they have to enter on each line, just the unique data. In the end I would like all of this information from every Staff memeber to show up in a table with their ID, DATE, and the other unique data. I really want to make sure that STAFF will only enter data per their ID number and can only see data per their ID number. I can not think of a way to do this with out making separate tables for all of them (too many), and then doing an udate table query or something!
    Please help if you can and thank you so much. Also, I will be using 2010 and 2002-2003? Can this been done with using queries or premade not very good with code, ive tried and I can never get them to work.

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    You can use the login info to set the DefaultValue property of the ID textbox. This requires VBA code in some event, perhaps the form Open. The date textbox can have a DefaultValue of Date() to use the current date. Set those textboxes as Locked Yes.

    Set the form's RecordSource with a parameter that filters the records based on the login ID.

    Login form is a common topic in forum. Search forum or google.
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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