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    Newbie Help Account Numbers

    Hi Guys,

    Im new to this but i've been able to create the tables and the forms but I need a little help...

    I have created a new field called AccountNum where I want to apply a unique 8 digit number. How can I get access to do this automatically and sequentially with every new updated form?

    Thanks for any help, it is greatly appreciated!!

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    You could use an autonumber but you would have to add 10000000 records first and then delete them to start from where you needed to be. Otherwise you could do it in code by using dmax and then adding 1 to the number.

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    NO you do not need to create 10m records then delete them. Total nonsense. Create a new table and in the first column make it an number and enter 10000000 then save the record.

    Next create an append query and append the number field from table 2 into the autonumber field of table1. This will force the autonumber to begin at 1000000, or any number you want it to start at.


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    thanks for the responses! but like I said im a noob and I do not know what any of this means! how do I use DMax or where is Append Query? I looked at every option and could not find anything labelled append. Sorry guys for being an idiot, but the help I need, needs to be more 'step by step' type instructions.

    Thankyou so much, any and all help appreicated!!

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