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    Access to Web Application

    I currently have a Access database, with forms and reports that is used to track user information, login names, emails passwords and such. We recently opened two new locations, I am in CA, there is another location in FL and CO. How do i Turn my Access db into a internal web application that can be edited and used my multiple users at once?

    I am relatively new to Access and web, so any help would be amazing!

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    Access and web are not that easy to implement.
    you could move your data to a sql box to a provider and point both front ends to the data instead of a web front end.

    you could go the web route. You will need to go thru share point. That can get real expensive.

    you could pay someone to rewrite your access database into

    there are other options as well. but moving an access database to the web will require Share point.

    hope this helps

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