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    Formatting text boxes with aggregate functions within a text box populated with text.

    Sorry that title is a tongue twister.

    I have 3 different text boxes that have aggregate functions as there control source; they sum different fields and display the results in the text boxes. Easy enough. Now here is where things have got tricky I need to place these text boxes within a paragraph of text inside a text box and have it somehow formatted to be the corrected size. So it would look nearly seamless body of text with the 3 Aggregate text boxes inside it. O to throw another wrench into it of course the 3 text boxes change every time the query is changed so the size is not dependable.

    Now I have just been tinkering with it trying to find the sweet spot but it is real hard. Is there anyway to like place these 3 text boxes within a body of text and have it just reformat the spacing each time?

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    Concatenate fields with literal text:

    ="Some text " & FieldName & " some more text " & AnotherFieldName
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    Hmmm ok. Well I now have 4 different text boxes that produce aggregate info about the query. I would somehow need to merge them all into one to concatenate it that even possible? Here is the 4 different text boxes control source:


    Edit: Ahhhh I got it never mind thank you! Is there a way to change the color of 1 word in a concatenate?

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    ="count of lname " & me.textboxname & " avg amount " & me.txtboxname & " davg count " & me.txtboxname & " davg amount " & me.txtboxname

    just insert the appropriate txtboxname's

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