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    Remembering multiselect listbox selections for a record, and re-selecting it?

    Hello everyone,

    So I have a multiselect listbox. The list that it shows depends on what is selected in a separate combo box.

    I want to be able to select multiple items from the listbox, and then be able to leave the record, and when I come back to it, to still have those items highlighted. Right now in my form, as I go through records, if I highlighted items 1,2 and 3 on a record, those first three lines will stay highlighted as I move through different records, rather than changing to what had been selected for each record.

    I've already stored the actual selected values in a subtable. I just want to have it highlighted again so that you can see what was previously selected.

    Any advice? Thank you!

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    This is an unbound listbox - not storing data into a multi-value field? Need code that will select items in listbox RowSource. Place code in form Current event. Unfortunately, I don't know the exact code to programmatically select multiple items in a listbox. It would probably involve opening a recordset and looping through the recordset to get each value and also looping through the listbox list to locate the matching value and set Selected property for row to True.
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    you can do this. The url takes you to how to code the and use the selections in code. You can reverse engineer it to use this. If you have the record ID's of the ones

    try going to each record and using this to mark the record.. Docmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord

    I hope this helps

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