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    Table with more relations...

    Hello all,

    Recently started my own small company supplying gasdetectors and using access 2010 to build up a customer database.
    At the moment I have one company-table with general company details. Second table for the employees, related to company-ID
    Third table is for instruments delivered, also related to company-ID.

    Now I want to indicate for each instrument which employee is responsible. It can happen that within one company different employees are responsable for different instruments.
    Is this possible to do this with relations or should I do this in another way ?

    Any comment is welcome!

    BR, Dries

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    If each employee is only responsible for one instrument you can add it to your employee table.

    If each employee can be responsible for multiple instruments you'll want another junction table that has it's own PK, the employeeID and the InstrumentID

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    Thanks for your reply. Now I related the instruments to the employee table instead of to the company.
    On question left is now when aan employee with more related instrument will leave the company.
    How to easy relate all the instruments to another employee ??

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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