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    Getting a query to display the correct information

    I am a new user to access having had very little exposure to it before and am looking for some help. I have a small db that i created to hold mutile projects stock that i look after. I have started the query and so far it is ok. in the Criteria field have enster [Project Name] this as you all know prompts me with a dialogue box asking for the projects, however problem is when i enter the project name is just displays a blank table and none of the projects are displated.

    Any guidance would be helpfull, Tahnks Sandy

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    Is your project name spelled correctly and matches exactly as it is in the db. No preceding or trailing spaces?

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    From table contain [Project Name] field copy the value of data in [Project Name] field and paste the value in Query when parameter asked
    That will solve issue.
    A S MANN

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