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    ms access - lookup / find product name for lowest price in category


    I've got a table with the following information:

    Vendor ProductCategory Price
    farm1 apples $1
    farm2 apples $2
    store1 bandaids $10
    store2 bandaids $7

    I want to run a query to find the minimum price for each category, and also show the vendor. So the result should be:

    Vendor ProductCategory Price
    farm1 apples $1
    store2 bandaids $7

    Of course, if I group by category and the minimum of price, it will find the cheapest in category, but I'll lose visibility to the vendor. I've tried setting it up as two tables - a product table and a product category table, but it hasn't worked so far.

    Thanks for the help!

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    If you bring in the table again and create links on both the cost and the item and bring down the vendor it should dispplay the correct vendor.


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