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    Red face ListBox Populate Directory Based On User Input

    Hello! Thank you for your assistance. I apologize for the long post but I want to make sure it's detailed.

    On my Documents form, would it be possible to have a text box where the user enters an order #, clicks a command button and displays the directory (which is the order #) in a listbox?

    Currently, the Main form creates a folder on the computer with the same name as the order # (ID) when a new record is created. For example, if the new order # is 100, the database will create a new folder called 100 after the record is inserted.

    So, once the record and the folder are created, the user will open the Documents form to view documents that are available, enter the order # in a text box, and click a command button. After the command button is clicked, the listbox should pull up the directory based on what the user entered in the text box.

    If the user enters order # (ID) 100 in the textbox, Access will look for directory c:\RealEstate\100 and populate the lisbox with the contents of directory c:\RealEstate\100.

    I appreciate your assistance and hope this post makes sense.

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    Here is a demo of something on the lines that you want.

    Firstly is uses the current project folder for its search path. You can change this in code to suit you needs. In this demo you can apply filters if you wish, such as file types by extension name and phrases in file names.

    This revised version allows you to specify a different location by using the browse button.

    One added feature is that once you have populated the list box if you double click on a file it opens the file up in its native software.


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    Ok great, thank you very much! I will give it a go and see where it takes me.

    Thanks again!

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    i have tried to use the above frmdemo but am getting an error "With Application.Filesearch.

    What does it mean?

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