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    Make sure end date is one year greater than start date

    Hello, I am trying to create a form in which the user is required to enter a
    contract start date and a contract end date. An example of this is:

    [CONTRACT START DATE] 10/01/2005...Textbox control name is Text7
    [CONTRACT END DATE] 09/30/2006...Textbox control name is Text5

    How can I make sure that the user doesn't accidentally enter 09/30/2005?
    Please let me know which control to put the code in and which event to put it
    under. I'd prefer to use an If...Then statement to the tune of something
    like this:

    If Me.Text5<Me.Text7 Then
    msg = MsgBox("CONTRACT END DATE must be greater than the CONTRACT START
    DATE", vbCritical) = vbOk
    End If

    Any and all suggestions are most appreciated! Thanks in advance for your


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    Use the form's BeforeUpdate event, and be sure to set Cancel = True to prevent the update from occurring with the bad dates.

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