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    Chart, keeping number formatting from query

    Hello, my report is pulling an "accuracy" field from a query. In the query the accuracy field divides errors / orders booked for an accuracy rating and I set the formating to "percetnage". However when the graph pulls the data it shows it as a decimal, for instance 99% in the query is .99 on the line graph.

    How can I keep the percentage formatting for the graph?

    Thank you,

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    Unfortunately, format property settings don't seem to carry through to graph. Multiply by 100 to get the percentage number. Don't think can get the % symbol to show. Show it in an axis label.
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    A sound common sense suggestion, thank you June.

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    Another approach for your consideration, depending upon your application needs ...
    Before I retired I was responsible for a large database, containing details of some 2 million traffic contraventions. We needed the processing power of Access but I found that Excel was much better for graph preparation and stats presentation, so our standard procedure was to export the processed data into a spreadsheet for final publication.
    It depends on whether your application justifies the effort of setting up the procedures.

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