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    Data vanishing in Subform after cascading comboboxes afterupdate

    Hi i have created a form with a subform for matches in a pool statistics database, on the main form i have hometeam name and awayteam name which cascade to the subform where i can enter details of the games played in the match i have done an afterupdate but as i scroll through the records the data in the subform disappears until i reselect the team name again in the main form i have attached a copy of DB
    Thanks for your time in advance
    Regards Crazybrit
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    This is a known issue of using cascading comboboxes with lookups in Continuous or Datasheet forms. There is no simple solution.

    Bear in mind that the combobox is one control. Even though it displays repeatedly on the form, it is the same control. So when you modify the RowSource property, that is what will show in all instances of the control until it is requeried. If the second combobox is multi-column and set to display the lookup alias, the combobox value will appear blank on some rows because the alias value is not available for those records.
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