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    Restrict Access to Form Based on fOSUserName()

    In Access 2010, I have a UDF called fOSUsername(). I got it from here.

    I have a table called Users. It has 2 fields: Employee ID (text) & CC (Yes/No). When CC_Form loads, I want a macro to check the employee ID using fOSUsername(). The Employee ID should already be on that list and it should have a check box either checked or unchecked in the CC field. If the Employee ID has a check then grant access to CC_Form, else deny access. If the Employee ID does not exist in the Users table then it should also be denied access. If needs be, I can create a query that looks filters out only the acceptable users, but I'm not sure if it's really necessarily.

    Is this possible? Do I even need a macro to accomplish this?

    Please note that I'm new to Access. I have a lot of experience with macros in Excel, but Access is very foreign to me.

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    Yes, need code, I use only VBA, not macros. Macro in Access very different from macro in Excel. A macro in Excel is really VBA code.

    Another way to get network username is: Environ("USERNAME")

    That intrinsic function entirely replaces the procedure you reference.

    This is a common topic in forum. Search forum and Google. Review:
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