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    SQL Storage within a table

    Hi all,

    I'm currently running a database with around 30 users, four or five of whom are capable of creating their own queries.

    Due to the number of bespoke requests I get for one off queries (and as Im not actually IT, i've just inherited the running of this), I dont have time to create new queries everytime information is needed, I'd rather allw those who can, do.

    Occasionally though I have to issue a new version of the front end (the DB is split) as some updates are inevitable.

    When I issue a new front end, I have to round up any new code written by others, and include this in the new version, to save their work being over-written. ideally I'd like to be able to save all the custom SQL in one place.

    In my previous employment we had a database within which custom SQL was saved to a specific table (the format was fairly simple: ID,name, SQL) with a memo field to hold any code written for a bespoke query.

    There was then within that database a form where you could select a custom query from a drop down list, push a button, and the SQL in the table would run.

    Any ideas how this was done so I can re-create this?

    P.S. I sort of burnt my bridges when I left the last place, so I can't really phone up and ask how they did it.

    All help appreciated.

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    I haven't had a chance to test this idea, but create your table. Store the sql statement in a memo field. Create a drop down with a name reference for the query.
    I would go with ID, qName, qSQL as the fields.

    In your VBA have the SQL statement be called from the column reference in your combo box. Add a command button to trigger the running of the Query based upon the selection in the combo box. I don't have time to recreate now but will look at this in the next day or so as time permits. In the mean time. Give it a shot and post back with any questions. There are lots of people in this forum who will be able to assist if you run into issues.


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    Thanks Alan, I'll make a start.

    Could you let me know what you mean by this part: "In your VBA have the SQL statement be called from the column reference in your combo box."

    I think I need to add a command button, go into the code builder, and in the middle of this section:Private Sub Command83_Click()

    End Sub

    insert cose so that it runs the SQL from the relevent memo field.

    What is the command I need to use to insert the correct peive of SQL into that section?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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