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    Expression builder does not show other query fields to add to an expression.


    I'm working on a query and trying to build an expression using the builder. My query has a number of fields that I need to use in an expression. I save the query (which should make these fileds available) and in a new field I open the expression builder. Sadly under the "Expression Categories" I don't see any of the query fields. Can you please let me know what I'm doing wrong?

    Tried to close the whole DB file, run a compact and repair and reopen but still the "Expression Categories" just displays <Parameters> and none of my query fields.

    Any insight will be appreciated. Thanks

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    I don't use the expression builder. I just build expressions in query field or textbox.

    Want to provide db for analysis? Follow instructions at bottom of my post.
    How to attach file: To provide db: copy, remove confidential data, run compact & repair, zip w/Windows Compression.

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    Hi June7

    Thanks for your response. I think it was a matter of me keeping in the query some tables that were obsolete/were not used. Removing those resolved it.
    Thanks again!

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