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    Where to begin?

    I am a VB6 programmer who haven't coded for many many years and kindo rusted. I would like to begin using VBA 2010 for simple utility programs like reading a text file, writing out to a text file (the stuff we can also do in text editors). Where can I find good code examples? Can you recommend some book/tutorials that helps me build coding in VBA and recall VB6 syntax etc.

    thank you,

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    I don't know any books but I am sure they are available. This one looks interesting: Access™ 2007 Programming by Example with VBA, XML, and ASP by Julitta Korol, Wordware Publishing, Inc.

    Most of what I have learned has come from a mentor, Help files, or off the web. Like
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    The databasedev and functionx sites were particularly helpful when I was making the move from VB6 to Access/VBA, and Crystal Long's MVP site continues to be useful, after 12 years of working in Access!

    But you need to be aware of a couple of things:

    • While VB6 and Access VBA are both derived from a common ancestor (QuickBasic4.5), they are not the same language! Functions and Properties in one language are absent from the other language! And even more confusing, Functions and Properties present in both languages do not necessarily do the same thing and do not necessarily utilize the same syntax!
    • And more importantly, to me, you're proposing to use a Database development program to develop apps that are not Databases! One of the most important factors in accomplishing a task, successfully, is to select the appropriate tool for the job! And from your original post, and well as my own prior experience, VB6 sounds like a much better fit for this project than MS Access does!

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    Thank you All! In my current job, all I am using is SQL server MS 2008, I coded 6 years ago & now don't have any projects at hand that need programming applications. I feel like I have forgotten all. Current employer used the VBA, so it will be nice to begin playing little bit at a time & recall stuff. I will look into the suggested links/resources. Thank you again.

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