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    Export to XML using existing XSD

    Hi everyone,

    I work for a non-profit organization that receives subsidies from the goverment for the people we employ. Up until now we had to report how many hours each of these people worked on paper.
    But now the goverment has decided to switch to a web based reporting tool. There is a choice between input through a web interface or uploading an XML-file.
    Using the web interface (and the way it has been implemented) would mean it would take several days for one person to input all the data, which I find unacceptable.
    So I'm trying to make the XML-thingy work, but having no previous experience with XML this proves to be a difficult task, to say the least.
    I understand the basic use of XML in this case, but it's the implementational side I don't get.
    The only "help" I found was a XSD scheme (see attached file), which discribes a 3-tier tree (see attached pic), but have found no obvious way of using it.
    I can take care of the input-form, and the necessary table(s) myself, but need help with the conversion...

    If anybody could give me a hand, I would appreciate.

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    If the Access export wizard won't generate the XML file in the required structure then use VBA code to write to text file. An XML file is a textfile that can be read by any text editor, Notepad works.

    Here is one link discussing code to open, read, write to text file:

    That XSD file is also a text file that can be opened with Notepad. The Access export wizard has option to create XSD as well as the XML. Not sure what the XSD file is for.
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