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A big thank you!

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    Talking A big thank you!


    I wanted to thank all of you who helped me so much with my database.

    Much of the time, I was able to do/fix a lot on my own because of what I learned from you. When I was completely stuck, you always were there to give me the solution or point me in the right direction.

    Although I have tested and tested, I'm sure there are parts of my database that will somehow up buggy at some point -- I feel like I have built a house, somthing which I am not qualified to do, and, although everything appears to work right, I might flip a switch to turn on a light and have the blender start instead -- and I know, when that happens, if I can't figure out why, that I can turn to a fabulous group of people for guidance.

    I appreciate you all so much!


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    youre welcome. hahaha.

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