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    Object Required Error

    Can someone tell me why do I get "Object required" error for this?

    VBA highlights "Employees ="

    Private Sub NewPayButton_Click()

    Dim PayrollApp As Database
    Dim Hours As Recordset
    Dim Employees As Integer

    Set PayrollApp = CurrentDb
    Set Hours = PayrollApp.OpenRecordset("Hours")
    Set Employees = DCount("[ID]", "Employees", "[Status] = 'Working'")

    Set Employees = Employees - 1
    If Employees > 1 Then GoTo NewHours

    End Sub

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    Remove the Set keyword from Set Employees = DCount("[ID]", "Employees", "[Status] = 'Working'") and from Set Employees = Employees - 1
    - you are dealing with an ordinary variable not an object.

    Your code


    is not writing in any values into the new record.

    Also you should disambiguate your DAO declarations

    Dim PayrollApp As DAO.Database
    Dim Hours As DAO.Recordset

    I would not name a variable the same as a field name (Employees) - there is much scope for confusion on both your part and Access/VBA.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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