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    Handling multiple user access causing write conflicts?

    Hi, I'm working on a meeting room booking tool that enables up to 100 people to log in and book meeting rooms into a calendar. The front end is installed onto each of the PC's and these access the back end on the server. It works almost perfectly, but the only issue I have is if 2 people try to book a slot at the same time. It produces a Write Conflict error and gives the option to Drop Changes, Save Changes or Copy to Clipboard. Ideally I'd like to trap this error and display a message alerting the user that someone else is possibly booking the same slot and to try again in a moment (then refresh the display to show any changes made by another user). If someone else has already booked a slot, I don't want the second user to have the option of overiding that booking! I want to stop the error displaying and default it to always drop changes.

    Does anyone know a way of doing this? I don't seem to be able to trap the error no matter what I do!
    I thought another option may be to somehow lock the recordset, but only lock the records they're editing (which would be limited to the slots on a single day and for a specific meeting room). Obviously I would want to avoid locking the entire table up! Can anyone suggest a solution for dealing with this? I'm nearing my deadline and have run out of ideas!

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    Have you tried searhing the Access help files for "Record-level locking"
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    I've reading lots, but not really got my head around it yet!

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