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    Merge Code problems

    I am trying to merge data entered on a form with an existing word doc and am running into trouble. My code is:

    Function MergeIt()
    Dim HoldNotice2 As Word.Document
    Set HoldNotice2 = GetObject("C:\Documents and Settings\kfergus\Desktop\HoldNotice2merge.doc", "Word.Document")

    HoldNotice2.Application.Visible = True
    HoldNotice2.MailMerge.OpenDataSource _
    Name:="C:\Documents and Settings\kfergus\desktop\hold.mdb ", _
    LinkToSource:=True, _
    Connection:="TABLE Holdtbl", _
    SQLStatement:="SELECT * FROM [Holdtbl]"

    HoldNotice2.MailMerge.Destination = wdSendToNewDocument
    HoldNotice2.Application.Options.PrintBackground = False


    End Function

    1/2 the time it works and the other 1/2 I get error messages about the db being unable to open or to be locked. When I debug it's always the same lines that I'm having trouble with, Set HoldNotice2... and HoldNotice2.MailMerge.OpenDataSource ... I verified the location and it's correct.

    Help, please!

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    1) when the code is running, do you have any forms open which could be locking the database? if so, see if you can close them or ensure that they are refreshed before the merge runs.

    2) if you want, i could post some code which i have used to do mail merges - it exports the data as a text file and then gets word to do the merge on that text file instead directly on the database, so it could get round your locking prob.

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