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    Error in loading DLL on 32 bits machines after editing file on 64bit machines.

    So, I've got this access app that's developed in access 2002 32 bits.

    I installed windows 7 64 bits on my machine, and for a few weeks I could program said app on it without problems. Fast forward to some time and updates and for some reason, whenever I edit the app in my 64bits machine it runs fine, but after I copy said file to another machine, with windows xp, it stops working and just displays an error "Error loading dll".

    What's up with that?

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    Is the same version of access installed on both computers.

    I suspect not. I would guess that the computer you're doing your development on has a newer object library and every time you do your development it reverts to that so when you then try to open it with the older version it's trying to user a driver it does not have and therefore fails.

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    This error may occur if you have missing Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) files, corrupted MDAC files, or outdated MDAC files on your computer.

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