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    I have Problem in processing Dlookup Function

    I have the following Code

    RESPONSE = DLookup("[Number]", "Mr_Nos_1", "[Dept] =" & Forms!MR_NOS!Dept)

    I am trying to get the Number from the domain Mr_nos_1 , by checking the dept which is already feeded in the form, and I get the following Run Time Error
    Run Time Error 2001: "You canceled the previous operation" .

    But When I move the creteria it run properly and return the first field in the domain.

    So, if you please you can advise me how to solve this problem.

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    If the Dept field is type text, add a single quote to the criteria:

    RESPONSE = DLookup("[Number]", "Mr_Nos_1", "[Dept] ='" & Forms!MR_NOS!Dept & "'")

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    Thank you John F for this reply

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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