I am trying to create a query that will return three different results depending on what I need.

I have a database that contains two tables, one is a list of contributors to my website, the other a list of photographs that have been submitted by people within the first table.

Photopgraphers contains

ID-Unique number for each photographer
CODE-Unique CODE for each photographer
PERM-What permission state the photographer is (Mail first, Full Use, Mail after)
NAME-The photographers name
MAIL-Their Email address
LINK-A link to their site

Photos contains

ID-Unique number for each photograph

CODE-a selected code that represents the photographer above
REF-a reference to the Topic of the photograph
FILENAME-The filename of the image on my computer
DATE-Date the image was obtained
DETAILS-Full details of where and when the photograph was taken and what it contains.

I have created Queries that list the three PERM status' of the photographers, but I am having trouble creating a query that will display a list of the three groups of photographs.

I know there has to be a reference to the photographers Query of the status, but I cannot seem to work out how to do it.

Any advice would be most welcome