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    Split uneven text field

    HI all,

    I have two problems to discuss in this thread. I am working on Access 2002.

    the queries are:

    1. I had a address field with carriage returns in the middle. I used some code to remove the carriage returns and it worked fine. But the problem is som data has "," character at the end of the address text. Is there any way to remove the unwanted character at the end of the text.

    2. Also i want to seperate the street data from the address field.

    Stanion Road,Brigstock,Kettering,Northamptonshire,NN14 3HW,

    Bowling Green Recreation Ground,High Street,Islip,Northamptonshire,NN14 3JS

    1 Riverside Way,Islip,Kettering,Northamptonshire,NN14 3LF,

    In the above examples you can see the "," character at the end. I want to delete that.

    Also i want to seperate the terms like "stanion Road", "High street", "Riverside Way" etc. from the address field.

    Can anyone please help me in resolving these issues. Thanks in advance.


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    See AWF for suggestion


Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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