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    Some advise for a complete novice...!

    Hi all!

    Right, I've recently been trying to streamline some of the outdated labour intensive data entry worksheets used at my workplace and have had a lot of success using Excel to create mini-databases with automatic report generation in Word. I've got used to using lots of VBA and formulas but am now coming around to my last worksheet and it looks like I'm going to have to use Access....

    The problem with using Access though is that I think its been at least 10 years since I've used it, and my knowledge of how it works has pretty much returned to zero. For this reason, I'm not even sure that Access can do what I need. So this post is really asking two things:

    The first thing, is whether this will work...

    The worksheet I'm trying to improve upon is called a HAZOP study, which is essentially a risk assessment and looks something like this:

    As can be seen, it usually takes the form of a grid, driven first by guidewords on the left hand side. You start by entering a guideword and moving across to the next column where there is a parameter (or deviation in this picture). Under each parameter within a guideword, several causes are identified as risks, each with consequences, safeguards and finally actions to be taken (this can be more than one). Once this has been performed on each parameter within the guideword, you move on to the next guideword until there are no more. This then completes the HAZOP study for that particular node, and there are several nodes in each review (all of which need to be kept in the one database). Each node will also have some data attached to it (i.e name, drawing numbers used for the review, date, description etc.).

    What I need this to do therefore, is display a form where the node details can be entered, and then some sort of entry form with controls to enter the guideword, then parameter and finally the data. Perhaps similar to this program: although this one doesn't really suit our application. I will then need it to generate a report by effectively copying and pasting the completed worksheets onto the end of a Word template (I use VBA to do this in Excel).

    So first off, can Access do this? I imagine it will need a table for each parameter, grouped for each guideword, grouped for each node somehow?

    Secondly, I'm obviously currently completely incapable of doing this as I don't even understand how Access works, let alone how to drive it. So I would like to ask if there are any good tutorials around to bring me up to speed? I'm a quick learner and am familiar with other office packages down to VBA so I should be able to pick it up reasonably quickly I think. I've struggled to find a good guide thus far however.

    Lastly, are there any example access databases which loosely resemble what I'm trying to do? I feel that I could learn a lot quicker if I had something to reverse engineer and use to understand how it all works, preferably with data already in it. Does anyone have anything that could help me?

    Thanks very much for your time, I hope I can contribute something meaningful in the future, I'll need to learn something first though!


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    It looks like you need to looking at cascading combo boxes moving from left to right

    Start of with all options then filter the second combo based on the response from the previous combo.

    also I suggest you visit where you will find more members with a wide range of skills.


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