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    Import Text File Error with quotes being stripped


    I Need Some help, I want to import file from txt file, but I Have Some problem with one record because some double qoute in one column, please help me ho to fix it:

    sample :
    Name Customer
    GEDE Surya
    Budi Bintang
    juni PIE SiSU "OLIVE"

    in last record costumer name with qoute, and make error when import it,

    thanks in advance


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    The import wizard has no problem with the quotes. Show the code you are using for the import. Is that the exact structure of the text file? Or does that example show the data transposed?
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    You can also prior to attempting an import, run a search and replace function on the text file (you can do this from access or just by opening a text editor assuming there are no other instances where you want to retain the "" marks)

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