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    Applying AuditTrail to subform on a form

    I have a Customer form that is set up with the customer information (customer id, name, address, phone #, etc) across the top and across the bottom is a subform called Orders. Obviously each customer can have multiple orders so the subform is in datasheet view with the typical fields like order id, qty, description, price, status). I wanted the ability to track changes in the "Status" field in the oders subform. I wanted an Update printed for each time the status was changed from order processed to order shipped, etc...

    I used the "Audit Trail for record changes" code from here: which worked...sort of. Btw, I editted the code to update me for the Staus field only instead of every field on the form.

    The problem is, when I open just the sfrmOrders by itself and make a change to the Status field, the update prints out beautifully. However, when I open the Customer form that has the sfrmOrders attached, the Update does not print. It is not recognizing changes in the Status field. I tried adding the =AuditTrail() to the BeforeUpdate event of the Customer form and that still didn't work. Any ideas? Please help!


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    Have you set a breakpoint in the "AuditTrail" function and checked the value of the variable "MyForm"? I am curious what form is the active form - the main form or the subform. Step through the function to find out what is happening..
    Function AuditTrail() On Error GoTo Err_Handler
         Dim MyForm As Form, C As Control, xName As String
         Set MyForm = Screen.ActiveForm

    Allen Browne also has an audit trail example:
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    I believe Allen's works for SubForms as well.
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